3 comments on “Day 1: Psalm 1

  1. I had never heard of the Voice version of the Bible, but I do like the emphasis, as you pointed out, that Jesus is a river that never runs dry. The other verse (or phrase really) that stuck out to me was in the last verse. I’ve read it in a couple different translations, and I like the ESV best. It says, “for the Lord knows the way of the righteous”. Sometimes it seems like I’m constantly walking up hill…never making progress or really growing in my faith. This verse reminds me that God knows our paths and our walks (good or bad) even when we cannot seem to see any progress at all.

  2. I too have had a change of taste in translation and have been reading on Bible gateway as well so as to be able to paralele the NIV which, is for me sometimes more easily understood, and the King James which I feel sometimes has the greater accuracy on tranlation. I feel we sometimes loose important emphasis and meaning when we leave this translation out but, that is of course only my opinnion. Anyway, after reading Ive been going to the resources section and reading Matthew Henry’s commentary on the passage and Ive found that ot helped with that sort of spinning your wheels in you will feeling. It oftend adds though provoking points so I did the same with this Psalms challenge. A couple things stood out. 1. Matthew Henry points out that the Psalmist starts with a discription of the character and ONCDITION of a Godly man. I thought, “How neat God spells it out. basically, “this is what it looks like” God doesnt leave us hanging but goes into detail about how to acheive that which is pleasing to him and how to live it out daily. I like this because Ive heard opinions from some that God sets you up for failure and, if we were still under the law I can see that but here that notion is debunked because truely God wants our success.This is also helpful as a ruler, so to speak that we can measure ourselves and our progress against. Again, helping to ensure success as long as we make application. Next point made is that God knows those that are by his name but we can only go by their character since we do not posess his divine knowledge. Therfore is behooves us to do as the Israelites werer instructed and “set ourselves apart” We should stand out in thsi world. We should be “an oddity” Not only does this serve to move some to inquire “why” and give us a chance to share the Gospel, but also to be know tp one another enabling us to seek out the strength and encourage of a brother or sister in Chist. It’s so simple to recognize a complete stranger and a sister or brother in Christ simply by their characte and accompanying actions.

    2. This one’s been a difficulty for for a looooong time now. This next section points out that in order to maintain the affore mentioned character, there are certain things/people he avoids. This is not the only place in Bible which so instructs either so it would seem to have enphasis. THe problem for me is balanceing that distance that we are clearly instructed to keep with the love of the sinner. To me it’s a little like saying, “This is poison it can kill you!” and you practice staying away from it therefore but then suddenly we are to say, “Oh Ill go near the poison to encourage it to stop being poison.” But Im a work in progress and thank God he hasnt given up on me yet and Im hoping to grasp this better in the not too distant future.

    I next liked this observation Matthew Henry makes on “meditating on His law day and night” I couldnt do ti justice so I just copied it here: “To meditate in God’s word is to discourse with ourselves concerning the great things contained in it, with a close application of mind, a fixedness of thought, till we be suitably affected with those things and experience the savour and power of them in our hearts.” I thought this was a beautiful discription of it.

    We next read of the blessings of living a life in devotion to God. As Matt mentions we are placed by spirings of water and he points our that we are planted there by God’s grace. What a wonderful thought and yet another example of how vast and incomprehensible that grace is. He adds this about that grace: “It is expected from those who enjoy the mercies of grace that, both in the temper of their minds and in the tenour of their lives, they comply with the intentions of that grace, and then they bring forth fruit. And, be it observed to the praise of the great dresser of the vineyard, they bring forth their fruit (that which is required of them) in due season, when it is most beautiful and most useful, improving every opportunity of doing good and doing it in its proper time.” I thought this also was a beautiful picture.

    “Next, as Matt also mentioned, he shall be preserved from blemish and decay: His leaf also shall not wither. As to those who bring forth only the leaves of profession, without any good fruit, even their leaf will wither and they shall be as much ashamed of their profession as ever they were proud of it; but, if the word of God rule in the heart, that will keep the profession green, both to our comfort and to our credit; the laurels thus won shall never wither. [5.] That prosperity shall attend him wherever he goes, soul-prosperity. Whatever he does, in conformity to the law, it shall prosper and succeed to his mind, or above his hope.” I found this very comforting and hadnt thought if that fact that he not only prospers but that it is a soul-prosperity ( is there s better kind) and that it equals or exceeds his hopes.

    Then we are given the constrast of the sinners which the commentary I thought interestingly pointed out are in three catagories: unglodly, sinners and scornful. As it says, “None reach the height of vice at once.” There would seem to be stages if you will; ” They are ungodly first, casting off the fear of God and living in the neglect of their duty to him: but they rest not there. When the services of religion are laid aside, they come to be sinners, that is, they break out into open rebellion against God and engage in the service of sin and Satan. Omissions make way for commissions, and by these the heart is so hardened that at length they come to be scorners, that is, they openly defy all that is sacred, scoff at religion, and make a jest of sin. Thus is the way of iniquity down-hill; the bad grow worse, sinners themselves become tempters to others.” I found this an interesting thought. It pointed out to me that while God is true to his nature and it is shown in his children, the devil is true to his nature which shows in his “children” so to speak…slow, subtle and sneaky possibly avoiding detection until its too late. The trap has sprung!

    It had also, inspite of the many times Ive read it, not occurred to me that, “the ungodly shall not stand in the judgement…” This means only the “Christians” will because its already too late for the ungodly; there sentence has been passed. WOW a just and MIGHTY GOD indeed! His justice is shown is these veres becuase we see “The reason rendered of this different state of the godly and wicked, Ps. 1:6. 1. God must have all the glory of the prosperity and happiness of the righteous. They are blessed because the Lord knows their way; he chose them into it, inclined them to choose it, leads and guides them in it, and orders all their steps. 2. Sinners must bear all the blame of their own destruction. Therefore the ungodly perish, because the very way in which they have chosen and resolved to walk leads directly to destruction; it naturally tends towards ruin and therefore must necessarily end in it.” Absolutely just!

    Finally, (sorry it was so long but theres a lot inthese few verses) as Keri observed, “Let this support the drooping spirits of the righteous, that the Lord knows their way, knows their hearts, knows their secret devotions, knows their character, how much soever it is blackened and blemished by the reproaches of men, and will shortly make them and their way manifest before the world, to their immortal joy and honour. Let this cast a damp upon the security and jollity of sinners, that their way, though pleasant now, will perish at last. Again, perfectly just!! What an amazing Gid we serve!!! Praise him and give him all glory as it is rightfully his and his alone!!

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