2 comments on “Relationship/Marriage-y Learnings

  1. My thoughts are your thoughts are great. But I also thought id mention the book dad is reading. It is bt a pastor who looks like he could fit in with the “Duck Dynasty” group but is actualla very well educationed man and even knows greek and has a four translation GREEK Bible that he read from. Anyway, his book is called, “Created to need a helpmeet.” and his name is Mile Pearl. His wife Debbie wrote a companion book for the wives which LITERALLY changed my life. I wish i had it bout 29 years ago. Anyway, he has very interesting insight on your very subject and though you might find it interesting too. It’s available on Kindle and thats how we got it but you can also get it in paperback etc. If you read it, please let me know cause Id love to hear your opinions on the book.


  2. I think you are both very blessed because you are working on a marriage and not just letting nature take its course. All husband should take a hint from this post and would be very surprised the reaction they get from their wives. When one tries to please the other it is catching and this could turn a so so marriage into a much more loving home. Above all God needs to be the head of the family and the couple need to follow Him. God Bless you and your special lady. Gege

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