4 comments on “Manufactured or Desensitized?

  1. Yeah, I feel ya. I think we prioritize emotion heavily in our spiritual experience, especially in our praise and worship. And why wouldn’t we? That’s what our culture–particularly the music of our culture–teaches us. So if we don’t connect emotionally with a song on the radio, we just change the channel and it’s no big deal to us because radio, but if we don’t connect emotionally in the worship service, we feel like we’re broken or dead spiritually because it’s God. What’s wrong with us if God music doesn’t set us on fire?

    Sometimes the answer is “nothing.” Sometimes it’s okay to just show up and sing and feel blah. You can offer up your blah to God too, and that’s cool.

    I probably sound like a dude who has it all together and has all the answers, but there are plenty of things kicking my butt lately too, both inside and outside the sanctuary.

    • Word, son. I feel ya too. I don’t think you have it all together. None of us do, and I think life itself often swiftly kicks my fanny. Good response. I would not say that the emotional response a song ignites is completely invalid, but it is definitely wise to not let ourselves be steered too much by our emotions.

  2. The Bible says Elijah had a fire shut up in his bones to preach the Word of God. Is it possible you just have a fire shut up in your bones to KNOW God. I think it is not only normal but natural to wish to continually grow in God and know him better. This would seem to require more than the status quo. Perhaps you have reached a point in your walk where you are beginning to see that it’s far beyond an emotional experience preovoked by the “right:” music. Perhaps you long for more.? Especially since are emotions are hardly dependable as they change so easily. It seems a relationship with God based on emotion would be a kin to building a house on sand as the Bible says. Perhaps that’s where your dissatisfaction comes from: a need for more…?

    • I certainly agree with you on the unstable and unreliable nature of emotions. I am not sure if I am as deep as the rest of what you were saying. I may simply have just been out of it today, but it’s certainly something to consider. I will say that I have known since those experiences in youth group that seeking the emotional “right” music experience = epic fail in consistent and authentic relationship with God.

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