2 comments on “Awe Awe AWE!

  1. I love your words and devotion you have for our God. How He must smile when you write of such wonderful things He gives us to enjoy. I love the beauty of the trees also and I love the clouds. They have been awesome here. We were at the beach the other day and how I wish I had my video camera to capture it all. Then the glorious sunset. Thank you Father for your wonderful works and giving us your Son. Also thank you for a special grandson

  2. I enjoy the important word you bestow into your articles. I will bookmark your web site along with visit over again at this place consistently. I’m extremely sure I’ll discover lots of new stuff just at this place ! Best of success for the future !

    As a final point , give permission me thank you for your tolerance with my English as (I’m confident you have figured this by now,), English is not my number one language so I am using Google Translate to shape out what to jot down what I truly mean to tell.

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